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We are cafinex

One of the worlds largest Colombian coffee exporters

cafinex stands for Café (Coffee in Spanish) International Exporters. We currently export the world’s finest Colombian Coffee. 

Global Shipping

From our small MOQ to full container we will ship right to your business.

Quality Standard

Our single origin coffee is the best the market has to offer.

Your B2B Coffee Supplier

Our business is built on integrity, Trust and our connections with farmers.

Ethically Sourced Coffee

At cafinex, we are dedicated to supporting small farmers and women-owned farms in Colombia. By paying above market rates, we ensure that these farmers receive a fair wage for their hard work. Plus, with our donations back into the communities we export from, you can feel good knowing that your coffee purchase is making a positive impact. Choose cafinex for ethically sourced and delicious coffee.

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Colombian Coffee Farms in the Cafinex Network

Our trusted network of premium Colombian coffee farms. We specialize in exporting high-quality coffee to global markets.

Finca Analia

Huila, Colombia

Bourbon Coffee Co

Cauca, Colombia

Hacienda Tesoro Dorado

Quindo, Colombia

Ready to make an order?

contact us today for a quick and easy quote. Our customer service team will be with your shortly. 

We export all types of coffee

From instant coffee to green beans we got you covered. 

Roasted Coffee

Our roasted coffee uses the finest Colombian Arabica beans, delivering a rich and full-bodied flavor.

Instant Freeze or Spray Dried Coffee

Convenient instant coffee made from 100% Colombian beans, retaining rich flavor.

Green Coffee

Premium green coffee beans from Colombia, ideal for coffee roasters and wholesalers seeking quality.

Coffee Concentrate

Intense Colombian coffee concentrate, ideal for quick, flavorful beverages in cafes and homes.

We are committed to supporting your growth. From your initial coffee sack to your first container, Cafinex will be your steadfast partner every step of the way.

Other Colombian Exports (Coming Soon)

Colombian Cacao

Colombian Hass Avocados

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